The Gifts Teachers Would Love - From the teachers themselves!

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It’s that exciting time of year for both teachers and students with the Summer holidays about to start. Your children have spent the best part of the last 10 months with their teacher. Day in day out they’ve probably been talking about Mrs X or Mr Y so it’s a nice gesture to give something to say a big thank you!

Now, I’m not a teacher and I wouldn't want to assume I know best when it comes to what a teacher would want to receive as an end of year gift so, for this blog I reached out to the teachers amongst you and as usual my teacher followers/customers were so helpful!

Firstly let me say, most of the teachers I spoke to said they would never expect a gift at the end of the year, that’s not why they do what they do, but it is nice to feel appreciated. Here are some of the things the teachers I spoke to said they have loved receiving:

teacher mugMugs
Mugs is a funny one isn’t it? The feeling I got from the teachers I spoke to was that you either love them or hate them! Some said they had too many of them and some loved them as it was something they could keep and use at school. It’s a tricky one but figure out if it’s something your teacher would like otherwise steer clear!

teacher alcoholAlcohol 
If you know for sure that your teacher drinks then alcohol as a gift is a good option. ‘Alcohol was my best gift’ said one teacher! Make it personal and gift a small bottle of wine with a personalised glass so that they remember you long after the wine has finished.

teacher toteTote bag 
I didn’t realise how popular tote bags would be amongst teachers but so many teachers said this was a top gift!

It’s actually a genius gift idea! It doesn’t take up much space, is so useful for a teacher who always has a pile of books to carry and can be bought on a small budget! 

'My favourite gift was probably a personalised tote bag, it was gifted to me about 4 years ago and I still use it now to take books home to mark’

teacher penPersonalised pen
Whilst a few of the teachers  I spoke to said they have way too many notebooks, some said a personalised pen is a winner - pens always get picked up by someone else in the staff room, if it’s a personalised one it means someone else can’t walk away with it that easily! 

‘I have a lovely personalised pen which is great because it can’t go missing in the staffroom’

teacher candleCandles
If you’re struggling with a gift idea a personalised candle is a cheap but lovely way of saying thank you to a teacher. It’s a nice way of telling them to relax after a hard year but also personal to them.  

Teacher gifts are always dependent on how well you know your teacher's hobbies and interests, but the above are some safe suggestions from the teachers themselves on what gifts they liked receiving the most and still remember years later! Of course there is no written rule that you must give your teacher a gift at the end of the year, they would appreciate even a thank you note, its all personal choice.

If you'd like to gift your teacher something personal, take a look at our range of gifts to find something perfect that they will love!



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