5 Things for Under £5 that your Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids will Love 

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One of the best things about planning a wedding is all of the time you’ll be spending with your sister(s), cousin(s) and friends who you’ve chosen to be with you every step of the way, honouring the title Maid of Honour or Bridesmaid. Whether it’s planning your hen, dress shopping or just being next to you on your big day, let’s face it your girls will go out of their way to make sure everything is perfect! 

So, naturally you want to ask them that all important question (which they’re blatantly expecting) in a special way. Whilst I’m sure all brides to be absolutely love their Maids of Honour and Bridesmaids, weddings are expensive and everyone is working to a budget, and if they’re your true besties they probably wouldn’t even want you to spend a fortune on them! 

We’ve narrowed down some perfect ideas on what you can add into your personalised gift box for your soul sisters without breaking the bank! 

Here’s 5 things for under £5 that they will love: 

  1. Something sweet: Let’s face it, we all love chocolate, some more than others, but this little sweet treat (make sure it’s their favourite) will be a nice little addition to the box for them to eat whilst doing number 5! There’s some great seasonal chocolates around which are perfect for occasions like this. 
  2. Something personalised: Trying to find something personalised to make your gift box that extra bit special can be tricky, especially on a budget. Our personalised candles are one of our best sellers and for as little as £5 can add that personal touch to your box. It’s something your girls are bound to love and has thoughtful gift written all over it! 
  3. Something relaxing: Whether it’s a pampering face mask or a relaxing bath bomb (or both) give your girls something to help them wind down and relax before the big day - it will show them you really care. While you’re at it, get one for yourself too (and make time to use it). 
  4. Something fizzy: Whether they drink alcohol or not a small bottle of something fizzy as a token of it being a celebration is a nice little addition. I know a lot of people don’t drink alcohol but these days you can find fab alternatives in the supermarkets and all within budget too! 
  5. Something sentimental: Your girls are going to be on hand during so many important decisions being made throughout your wedding planning process so take the time to write them a sweet note, tell them why you love them and why you want them to take on that special role at your wedding. This doesn’t cost a penny but will probably be the thing they love most about the gift (and probably make them shed a tear or two). Add some of your favourite memories of the two of you - trust me, she will love the thought gone into it! 

If you haven’t seen the personalised boxes on my page, here they are, priced at just £12 each. They are the perfect size to fill just enough little bits and bobs to make it a special moment. 

  PersonalisedGiftBoxWill You Be My Maid of Honour

Will You Be My BridesmaidGift Box Ideas

Depending on your budget, gift ideas for your special ladies are endless - if you have a budget in mind for an occasion and would like some ideas please feel free to get in touch, I love a challenge and love helping my customers find the perfect gift!

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